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Craft & Ceremony

Where Handcrafting and Reverence Meet

“Every act of creation is a narrative endeavor in which we hope to tell our own story.”

David Stowe

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White Stone  Ceremony & Stone Weaving

Join us for a powerful and meaningful in-person gathering where you will receive a white stone and a sacred anointing that can bring guidance and healing into your life.


The white stone represents a fresh start, a blank page on which you can write your intentions and aspirations for the upcoming year. We use the White Stone Ceremony to indicate our freedom from the past. With this stone in hand, we are called to commune with the Divine Presence within us to receive a word that shares our vision, intent and purpose for 2024. Following a brief time of meditation, you will be invited to write the word you receive on a white stone that is yours to keep. They are words that hold great significance and always lead me to your highest good.

The anointing is a sacred act of receiving a blessing upon yourself. Anointing oil is applied to your forehead while a prayer is offered, inviting divine grace and protection into your life, blessing you as you go forth to your best year yet! . It is a beautiful ritual that can bring deep spiritual connection and healing.


But wait, there's more!After the ceremony, we will be stone weaving, a 1000-year-old custom that symbolizes the ties of unity that bind us. Each stone is carefully chosen and intuitively wrapped with a weaving pattern to work with its unique form and character.


Come and celebrate New Year's Eve with us in a spirit of ceremony, blessing, unity, and intention. Get ready to start your new year with a renewed sense of purpose and direction!


Investment: $50

All Supplies Provided



I understand that life happens and sometimes the unexpected can interrupt our commitments. If you are not going to be able to attend a group or workshop, please text or call Kailey at (401) 329-6527. Also, if you are running late, please text Kailey. Your communication will let us know you are safe and on your way.


If you register for a group or workshop and later become unable to attend, I will gladly offer a credit to use toward any future group or workshop OR a full refund can be requested if notice is given at least 2 weeks before the start of the group or workshop minus a $50.00 administrative fee.  No refunds or credits will be given if less than a 14-day notice is provided. Please contact with notification of your cancellation request.


Workshops and groups at Silvercrest Healing Sanctuary require a great deal of pre-planning, including ordering supplies – all based on the number of individuals who register. As a small business, when individuals ask to cancel at the last minute, I am unable to absorb these costs and keep costs affordable.


In fairness to all attendees, I am unable to make exceptions to this policy, including for reasons of illness, travel, or work hours. If you realize that you are unable to attend the group or workshop you registered for at the last minute, I suggest giving your spot to a friend.


In the event a group or workshop is cancelled due to inclement weather, emergency, or other act of God participants will be notified via text or email and every effort will be made to reschedule a make-up session.


Thank you for understanding!

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